The Trump Crusade: The Fall of Bannon

On Thursday, August 20th Steve Bannon was arrested along with three cronies who were hanging out with Bannon and all four were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. Allegedly Bannon and friends were using money donated to a crowd-sourcing campaign called “We Build the Wall” for personal use which was contrary to their promise to the public that all the money would go to the wall. Bannon has been released on a five million dollar bond and owes the court about 1.7 million in assets within 14 days. Bannon is now heavily restricted in travel and is not allowed to use any private transport. The arrest and charging of Steve Bannon is only the latest case in a string of suits against former Trump allies.

The former allies of Trump have had bad luck in the years after the 2016 election due to a Democratic crusade that has shown no mercy. Paul Manafort was one of the original criminal pals who was arrested and found guilty of tax fraud and bank fraud in August 2018. Paul also pleaded guilty of other conspiracy charges a month later and is now finishing his prison sentence at home. Another criminal crony Micheal Cohen who was Trumps former personal lawyer pleaded guilty in August 2018 to arranging payments to keep women silent before the 2016 elections. The women who were paid to be quiet had previous sexual encounters with Donald Trump before. The most recent Trump crony to be arrested is Roger Stone who was found guilty for lying to congress, obstructing a congressional investigation, and witness tampering. Stone’s sentence was commuted by Trump a day before the sentence began. The sentencing of former Trump cronies has become a focal point of congressional Democrats seeking to retaliate against the current administration.

Congressional Democratic powerhouses like Elizabeth Warren have used the anti-Trump crony crusade to great political effect. News of the arrests of Trump aides have been plastered all over major liberal news networks like CNN. The Democratic party has created a billion dollar anti-Trump propaganda campaign that has intensified as the election grows closer. The failed impeachment of Trump has forced congressional Democrats to use former Trump crony indictments to effectively “drain the swamp” before the election even occurs. The crusade against Trump’s friends has been framed as the battle to reclaim government legitimacy by liberal sources and it seems to have fired up many liberals who have been enraged by Trump’s antics. The real test of this propaganda campaign to will come in November when the anti-Trump coalition formed after the 2016 election will face off against die hard Trump supporters.


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