AMD Domination: The Deliberate and Painful Death of Intel

Early in October AMD revealed a large dump of new “Zen 3” chips and more in their virtual event hosted by Dr. Lisa Su. The event was a huge press victory for AMD with countless positive articles and YouTube videos being launched hours after the event. The virtual event signals another victory in the chip makers warpath to overtake Intel as the dominant microchip manufacturer. The company now has a whole catalog of CPUs that can directly match almost all Intel CPUs with flying colors.

AMD Zen 3 Lineup Slide

The event brought 4 new CPUs into play that range from more budget to enthusiast. The cheapest chip in the new lineup was the 5600X(6 cores and 12 threads) which boasts a boost clock up to 4.6 gigahertz and a $299 price tag. The second cheapest chip shown by AMD is the 5800X (8 cores and 16 threads) which has a boost clock that goes up to 4.7ghz and sports a moderate price tag of $449 dollars. The third cheapest or second most expensive chip in the new lineup is the 5900X(12 cores and 24 threads) which boosts up to 4.8ghz and demands a significant $549 dollars. Finally, the big daddy of the lineup is the massive 5950X(16 cores and 32 threads) which can boost up to 4.9ghz and demands a cool $799 dollars to obtain the powerhouse.

This monumental lineup of chips follows a long silence from any significant chips from the current head honcho Intel. Leaks have come out about Intel’s new offerings that range from enthusiastic to extremely pessimistic. The lack of convincing Intel offerings has made many formerly Intel super fans in the enthusiast market switch to AMD. Even in the console market both next gen consoles are sporting AMD chips instead of Intel hardware.

AMD Stock Price Image

Intel has been having issues reaching lower nanometer processes that other chip makers have already accomplished and this has left Intel in the dust. Intel’s newest chips in development will most likely not even reach lower than 10 nanometers which is laughable as both Apple and AMD can manufacture 7 nanometer chips in the current year. In other spaces like the server chip market AMD’s EPYC chips have been on the market for a while and will most likely surpass 10% of server chip market share by the end of 2020. The notebook space has also seen a wide adoption of new AMD laptop processors that has endangered Intel’s long hold on the laptop space.

Intel’s days will be numbered if they cannot fend off the wave of AMD market advances that have been plaguing them for the last few years. The battle has been so victorious for AMD that for the first-time new AMD CPUs are now brazenly priced higher than comparable Intel chips without any doubt of possible backlash. Intel needs to score a win with their long-awaited newest chips or else the final nail in the coffin will be final. Shareholders are already leaving Intel behind and starting to join AMD’s side of the battle.

The future of computing chips could look at lot redder in the coming years if Intel fails to pick up the slack.


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